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IDAutomation's bar code fonts allow printing of POSTNET, PLANET, FIM, OneCode, Intelligent Mail, RM4SCC and Australia Post Address barcodes from systems supporting TrueType, PostScript or PCL LaserJet soft fonts including Windows, DOS, Mac, Linux and Unix.

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A Note About Printing With Fonts:

Implementing solutions with IDAutomation's postal fonts provides a high level of scalability with operating system, application and printer independence. Learn more about the quality of these fonts.

The postal fonts that are provided, such as OCR-A and FIM, are easy-to-use. However, barcode fonts such as Postnet and Planet require a "check-digit" calculation, which can be automatically generated with the royalty-free font tools.

IDAutomation also offers Barcode Components that print barcodes as images and automatically calculate the required check digits. These components include ActiveX Controls, .NET DLLs, ASP Components, Web Controls and Java Components, in addition to native generators for Access, Crystal Reports, JavaScript and Oracle.

POSTNET Barcode Fonts:

PLANET Barcode Fonts:

FIM Barcode Fonts:

Intelligent Mail (formerly OneCode) Barcode Fonts:

USPS OneCode Symbol

Intelligent Mail is the USPS implementation of the 4-State Customer Barcode type in the United States. Other implementations of the 4-State Customer Barcode exist in other countries such as RM4SCC, which are described below. The primary purpose of Intelligent Mail is to combine the zip code data of Postnet and the tracking of Planet into a single barcode symbol with additional data as described in the Intelligent Mail FAQ and Tutorial.

Royal Mail, RM4SCC, 4-State and Dutch KIX 4-State:

Australian Post Address Barcode:

Other Implementations of the 4-State Barcode:

About OCR-A Fonts:

OCR-A fonts are used for better character recognition at post offices that have new advanced optical character recognition systems. These systems can decode the characters in the address without error because they conform to the ISO standard. One example is the OCR-A font that is used occasionally on U.S. mail with the FIM-D barcode symbol.

Font Automation & Implementation Tools:

To help users integrate barcodes into their applications, IDAutomation provides several font automation tools such as Microsoft Office Macros for Word, Excel and Access, Visual Basic, ANSI C and JAVA Source Code, ActiveX DLLs, Crystal Reports User Function Libraries (UFLs) and a check digit calculation application with Visual Basic source code as a free download for programmers and technical users. The tools automatically format the start, stop and check characters to the barcode fonts.

Testing & Verification Recommendations:

Before sending the printed barcodes to the post office, it is recommended to find some method of doing a test scan on the barcode or verify it with a POSTNET & Intelligent Mail Barcode Reader. IDAutomation offers an easy-to-use Postnet scanner that will scan and grade the bar-codes with a quality assurance test and report any possible issues. This is an example of the output that is received when scanning a barcode that was still acceptable to the post office:
  >>> PQA <<<
POSTNET: 62 Bars, nominally from 02.54 to 03.05 in. in Width
 Bar Sequence: 10011000110011001100010100000111100000110100011000101010011001
 [A] (Ok) < Tall Bar Heights: 0.130 in.
 [B] (Hi) < Short Bar Heights: 0.058 in.
 [A] (Ok) < Bar Widths = 0.021 in.
 [A] (Ok) < Inter-Bar Gaps = 0.024 in.

To Order the Barcode Fonts:

NOTE: After ordering the POSTNET Barcode Font Advantage Package license, the customer will receive the complete fully functional POSTNET, PLANET, FIM, OCR-A, and Code 128 font set with rights to use IDAutomation tools, macros and source code.

Secure online ordering for POSTNET fonts IDAutomation offers secure online ordering by credit card and immediate delivery via download after the order is approved. If ordering by PO, phone or another method, please follow these procedures.

Order online now... The USPS Postnet & Intelligent Mail Font Package includes fonts that support POSTNET, PLANET, Intelligent Mail, OneCode, Code 128, FIM and OCR-A.
Order online now... The Royal Mail 4 State Font Package includes fonts that support RM4SCC and includes the IDAutomation4STATE font.
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